5G Network

               The most awaited moment in digital world is arrival of 5G network. As usually, let me initiate from the origin.


  1G introduced analogue voice

  2G introduced digital voice

  3G brought mobile data

  4G LTE ushered in the era of

        mobile internet.

  5G networks are the next generation of mobile internet connectivity, offering faster speed and more reliable connections on smart phones and other devices than ever before. 5G should offer connections that are multitudes faster than current hook ups, with average download speed of around 1GBps expected to soon be the norm. The frequency spectrum of 5G is divided into millimetre waves, mid band and low band.

                           In one hand, we have to know about how this 5G is going to work. For the total world, 20,000 more satellites are required to carry the signals for better speed. Then, the antennas in any country is not enough to provide data at 5G speed. For this hurdle they are not going to install more tower antennas. They are going to install many cell points, a small sized tower or look like router in every 500 metres. Then only 5G waves can transmit through any object, easily.

                              At present all over the world, especially in india the auctioned frequency level for 4G is just 6 GHz. The Iot ( Internet of Things) devices like smart TV, Smart watches, speakers etc are using frequency waves of 915 MHz to 4.33 GHz. If 5G arrives, the frequency will be 80 GHz to 120 GHz. Just imagine, how much speed we can get? Wow. What a techonology? A movie can be downloaded at a second. This is what indians need. But the bitter truth is,  5G is going to be the evil for human species.

                              On the other hand, we have to know a little bit about human body and insects. Human skin and sweat ducts are act like antennas. Even cockroach have two antennas for smelling to find its food. Human mind can change according to their environment. They will happy when being with loved ones and feel sad while hearing sad songs. An ordinary human individual can spread his waves to particular distance, like wifi hotspot, it is spiritually called as aura. So try to understand that the frequency can affect our brain.

                               A fire extinguish officer of German reported that, he is working in a branch office and 4 towers are located nearly. The workers are affected by mental illness and act differently in some times. But this problem is not prevailed in head office. There is no such towers nearby in head office. That tower omitted "Radio Frequency Radiation" and such workers are working for 9 hours a day. But this 5G towers or cell point will be omitted "Milli metre wave" for 24/7 for 365 days. Don't think this is less harmful because of word "milli".Milli metre wave is very harmful for human skin and brain. US army using these wave for producing their weapons.

                                As we all known that China's Huawei is the top provider of 5G. When 5G installed throughout the world, the person who provide frequency can control the activity of people. Thats may be China or Huawei or Jio or Airtel etc. As i stated that frequency wave can affect human brain, the service providers can easily control the people by changing their minds by sending a some frequency waves.

For example, Honkgonk people are protesting against China. If 5G is there, Some level of frequency waves can send to such areas to change their brain to feel happy. Then, the situation comes under control of China.

                                   When we are using milli metre wave for 24 hours a day, we will be affected by unfounded diseases, skin cancers, even our DNA will modified. 80% of insects are already gone. If 5G arrives, all the species will be affected. Humans even cannot get insurance for such illeness. Lloyds of london, one of the world's premier insurance groups is refusing to insure health claim made against illness caused by 5G technology.

                                 65 countries Says No to 5G technology. 125 cities of italy voted No for 5G. On January 25, 2020 people of such 65 countries are going to be protested against 5G. But we, Indians don't have any awareness about 5G. We have to think about future generation of us. If it is needed, we have to fight. I would like to end this article with a quote

"It is better to be a Warrior in Garden, rather than a Gardener in a war field."


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