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My intro

Hey Friends,                             As i am new to blog, and in future many people will come to here to know about me, first of all i introduce myself. Following things can define me:           1. My vision of life is, " When i dead at my age of 80 +, people apart from my family, relatives, friends, those who see me just once or twice in their life, have to feel sad or teared for my death".      2. I am a chess player,  a part of school and college teams, and also got various prizes in various types of tournaments.           3. I am an Ex-Sargent ranked NCC Air Force Officer in my school days, at that time my age is 13.         4. I have some more leadership qualities, though i was class leader,  house captain in sports, Sargent officer,  Class representative and Department secretary in my college days.           5. Tamil Nationalism is my political ideology.          6. My Favorite leader is "Adolf Hitler". I am very aspired by his Speech skill and patriot